The Bar

With an epicurean appeal to it, mixology becomes an art in the privileged environment of the in-house bar.

From dawn to dusk, stunning cocktail, detox refreshments, and light dishes are put on a show in an intimate and contemporaneous atmosphere.

Having the greatest selection of wines and whiskeys from around the world you can find in Tunisia, we will never tire of surprising the most demanding tastes.

Sweet Dreams

If you need to unwind with a strong, sweet cocktail, drink Sweet Dreams, a drink based on the smoked taste of scotch and Frangelico hazelnut liquor with a remarkable taste of herbs and dried fruits and a warm caramel color.

Vodka Sour

You can always savor our Vodka Sour Raspberry cocktail with its crimson red color and its sour-sweet taste derived from lemon and fresh raspberries puree.

Blue Lady

For instant refreshment, choose the Blue Lady, based on vodka and scented with the azure-colored blue curaçao and the sweetness of edible flowers.

Piña Colada

If you’re looking for a refreshing cocktail for a sunny day, this piña colada will never disappoint. Made with rum, a shot of Malibu liqueur, coconut cream, and pineapple juice mixed with ice, this cocktail offers an exotic taste that perfectly matches the decor of the Cliff’s terraces.

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We do not take reservations for the bistro and wine bar. Thank you for your understanding.

+216 29 777 529