The Cuisine


THE Cuisine

At the heart of the plate, at the source of flavors. Each detail is crafted, each story is chiseled. The Mediterranean Sea is shining through the ingredients carefully selected by our chef, which are gorged with sunshine and grown with passion by farmers in the region.

Here at the Cliff, the cuisine is made of seasonal and local products. All our dishes are meticulously refined and prepared on-site to bring you the best flavors of the Mediterranean coast. You can find more than sixty-five different species of fish and seafood at the Cliff, brought by the fishermen directly to the restaurant: dentex, sea bream, pelagic, whiting, red tuna, red porgy, moray eels, always ultra-fresh and preserved from ice. Our chef’s mission is to find how to prepare them to magnify and preserve their vivid taste. You will embark on a gastronomic cruise thanks to the tenderness of the fish, the deliciousness of the seafood, and the subtle culinary presentation.




For more than 30 years, Mehdi Khaled’s cuisine has been exploring the lands and shores of Tunisia and the Mediterranean Coast. Subtle, daring, and bathed in sunshine, his philosophy of taste emphasizes local products, traditional expertise, and the know-how of producers, and artisans with whom he works to make his creations. Immersed in the Mediterranean diet culture, his elegant and precise mastery focuses on Mediterranean fish. Whether it’s during his everyday work with traditional fishermen, his intense efforts to promote biodiversity among the aquatic species, or with the wide array of techniques he uses, from the most ancient to the most recent, he brings out exceptional tastes out of every dish he prepares.

Chef Mehdi Khaled
Chef Mohsen Ouertani

CHEF Mohsen ouertani

After a world tour with the ONPP in which he represented Tunisia, our executive chef Mohsen Ouertani along with his team never ceases to spoil the Cliff’s guests with his culinary art that is essentially Mediterranean. In harmony with his surroundings, he adopted a North African marine cuisine combined with Southern Italian flavors. Having lived in Nabeul for two decades, our chef was in his element on the seaside. Thanks to this, he was able to exert his virtuosity in the making of fish and seafood dishes.

Qualified and creative, chef Mohsen does not hesitate to wander out of the menu and prepare for you a custom accompaniment for the main course you picked out yourself from the display.

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We do not take reservations for the bistro and wine bar. Thank you for your understanding.

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